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When I’m not travelling on the rails – or working on my latest book – I write articles, features and short stories, both from my own personal experience and also from a historical and geopolitical perspective. I also speak about my adventures. 

I’m an adventurer who loves to inspire others through my work. My background is in communication, and I know how to create material that will deliver exactly what you need. I am also available for wider product and PR work.

My media kit is available on request.

For further information please contact:
Mark Hudson, NDC Marketing Communication
+44 (0) 191 499844

“Matthew lives life to the full by riding to the end of the line… and further. Follow his adventures and be inspired” 

Robert Twigger, Explorer and Writer

“His vast experience of travelling on these routes is evident throughout his work .. the articles he has written for us are inspiring”

Natasha Baker, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains

“One of my favourite travel writers. I highly recommend all of his books.”

Josh Weinstein, TV writer & producer

“His adventures are at times comic and at times rather concerning. But he travels through with equanimity and a clear head” 

Christian Wolmar, Rail Historian

“Our customers spend more time reading his guides than any other part of our website”

Andrew Glenister, Real Russia