U.S.A. South Coast Loop | Spring 2020

A winter coast to coast (and almost back to the first coast again) journey exploring the history and heritage of the great American railroad.

Leg 1

The ‘Lake Shore Limited’ (49)

New York City to Chicago

959 miles

Leg 2

The ‘City of New Orleans’ (59)

Chicago to New Orleans

934 miles

Leg 3

The ‘Sunset Limited’ (1)

New Orleans to Houston 

363 miles

Leg 4

The ‘Sunset Limited’ (1)

Houston to Los Angeles

1632 miles

Leg 5

The ‘Southwest Chief’ (4) 

Los Angeles to Albuquerque 

924 miles

Leg 6

The New Mexico Rail Runner Express

Albuquerque to Santa Fe (return)

194 miles

Leg 7

The ‘Southwest Chief’ (4) 

Albuquerque to Chicago 

1341 miles

6347 miles (10214 km) on some of the most iconic Amtrak routes in the United States.

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