Rising Sun

I have managed to escape the madness of Jeongdongjin and made it safely back to the port of Donghae. I spent the day with Taegeun exploring the intricacies of Korean food before resuming my journey to Japan. It’s no surprise that dried fish in all its forms is prevalent in much Korean cooking. Other than fish, pork seems to be the main source of meat. In case you are wondering, there is dog here to be eaten, but it does not seem to be a featured ingredient in every day restaurants. I did actually see a man selling dogs, kept […]

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Law & Order

I know what you might be thinking, but I promise that I have not been charged with any offences from my big night out in Jeongdongjin. Instead just a short post to reflect on South Korean law enforcement. Last night Taegeun and I were a little lost and looking for the right kind of bar. He asks a local policemen for some directions. I’m thinking about this. In England what would the response be? Maybe something like “down the road, turn left, drink responsibly and keep the noise down when you leave, sonny”..? Well here I listened and politely paid […]

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My stay in South Korea is planned to be for just 24 hours. The Eastern Dream is breaking with its usual schedule and stoping here overnight. I’m guessing this is to let the crew have a night off for New Year. I have booked to stay in a hotel that is an hour away from the port. It’s famous in Korea for its view of the sunrise each day, and I’m staying here for the biggest sunrise of the year – bringing in the New Year. Oh, and yes it’s also a ship, built on a cliff. The problem with my plan […]

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