Press Room

Rail adventurer and author Matthew Woodward.

Author Matthew Woodward at work in his office, ‘The Engine Shed’.

Adventurer Matthew Woodward on board the Trans Mongolian train bound for Beijing.

Author and adventurer Matthew Woodward travelling on the Transcaucasus Railway.

Adventurer Matthew Woodward reaches Lhasa, Tibet by rail.

Rail adventurer Matthew Woodward enjoying the culinary highlights of Beijing.

Matthew Woodward, rail adventurer, takes the ship from Vladivostok to Japan.

Matthew Woodward exploring the underbelly of Japanese culture in Tokyo.


‘The Railway to Heaven’, published by Lanna Hall (2019)

‘A Bridge Even Further’, published by Lanna Hall (2018)

‘Trans-Siberian Adventures’, published by Lanna Hall (2017)

All images copyright Matthew Woodward.