London to Istanbul

This journey was both a recreation of the original route of the Orient Express and also in parts coving a journey that I last made as a student in 1987. The trip was a mixture of old and new, high speed and night trains.

Leg 1

London St Pancras – Paris Gare d’Nord

Eurostar E320

Leg 2

Paris Gare d’Est – Munich

Duplex TGV

Leg 3

Munich – Budapest

Train 463 “The Kalman Imre”


Leg 4

Budapest – Bucharest

Train 473 “The Istar”


Leg 5

Bucharest – Gorna Orjahovica Gorna Orjahovica – Dimitrovgad Dimitrovgrad – Kapilkule Kapilkule – Istanbul (replacement bus)

A classic journey of less than 3000 km over just 7 days

This was a much shorter than my Asian journeys. The last leg was the only difficult part of the route, involving 18 hours across Bulgaria and Turkey by worn out trains and bus.

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