Edinburgh to Shanghai

My first ever Trans-Siberian adventure. A 12500 km winter journey from Edinburgh to Shanghai on the Trans-Mongolian route. This journey was via Amsterdam, Warsaw, Moscow and Beijing using the Chinese 004 train to cross Siberia and Mongolia. In China I used the new high speed service to reach Shanghai.

Leg 1

Edinburgh – Newcastle

East Coast

150 km/93 miles

1 stop

Leg 2

Newcastle – Amsterdam

DFDS “Princes Seaways”

494 km/251 miles

Leg 3

Amsterdam – Warsaw

EN 447 “Jan Kiepura”

1094 km/679 miles

18 stops

Leg 4

Warsaw – Moscow

E 405 “Vltava”

1502 km/933 miles

7 stops

Leg 5

Moscow – Beijing

Train No 4

7826 km/4862 miles

33 stops

Leg 6

Beijing – Shanghai


1318 km/818 miles

1 stop

Leg 7

Shanghai – Airport


30 km/18 miles

Total 12414 km/7654 miles

Plenty of learning from some schoolboy mistakes, but I discovered the enormous satisfaction to be had in overland adventure. The journey gave me the practical experience and confidence to tackle more complicated long range rail objectives.

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