Edinburgh to Hong Kong

A 20000 km journey using the Trans-Manchurian route to Beijing and then the train to Xining and the Qinghai-Tibet line up to Lhasa, crossing the Tangulla Pass at over 5000m. Then a trip across China east to Hong Kong.

Edinburgh – Newcastle – Amsterdam – using the DFDS ferry crossing (to Imjuden)

Amsterdam – Berlin – on the IC 147 train

Berlin – Warsaw – on the EC 43 train

Warsaw – Moscow – on the new Russian version of the D10SZ train

Moscow – Irkutsk – Harbin – Beijing – on the “Vostok” 020 train

Beijing – Xian – Xining – Lhasa – on the Z21 train

Lhasa – Xining – Xian – Guangzhou – on the Z266 train

Guangzhou – Hung Hom (Hong Kong) – on the Z823 train

Over 20000 km on the longest and highest railways in the world

This journey was in many ways my most challenging journey to date. The Trans-Manchurian isn’t popular for a reason, and the journey to Lhasa was a hard one. My experience in Lhasa was amazing though, and this was an epic train adventure.

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