January 1, 2014

Da Nang

R&R here for New Year, but I’m too tired to do too much and fell asleep well before midnight..

I’m staying at the Furama, a great place on the beach on the outskirts of Da Nang. It wasn’t my original plan to stop here, but it was one of the few places not trying to fleece me for staying over at this time of the year – and I’m in luxury here – it’s really nice.

I feel I have to mention, just in case you don’t know, that this city boasted the busiest single runway in the world in 1972, home to many US military outfits and was the most Northerly airfield in the Republic of South Vietnam (only 60km South from the DMZ).

I had an “interesting” foot massage outside the hotel yesterday afternoon. In fact my feet were seemingly a very small part of the deal, so no idea why it’s called a “foot massage” unless its a local euphemism. There is a cottage industry here built on people like me not wanting to pay hiked prices for things from expensive hotels, so you can get your laundry done, have a massage, organise a tour and buy a bottle of Dalat wine all in the same place.
I try one of my few Vietnamese negotiation phrases out – “Muc Wa!” – but on checking with a friendly shopkeeper the way I pronounce it, it actually comes across as “I’m very tired” rather than the intended “that’s a real tourist price” – a little Vietnamese is a dangerous thing..

Living on trains makes you really appreciate the smaller things in life – beds, running water etc. I actually have a full week before my next train, so I’m quickly sliding into full tourist mode. The shorts, book and sunglasses are out the bag..

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