December 28, 2013

Russian menu on Train #004

Okay, so here’s how it works. The restaurant is kind of franchised to a Russian couple on this train. They cook food to order and have a Russian menu with approximate English translations. There is a plentiful supply of cold beer and warm vodka. Hardly any locals eat here, it’s just really for rich and decadent Western tourists. About 80% of what is on the menu is unavailable, but in my experience of two trips, there is a plentiful supply of fresh salmon, pork, beef, ham, eggs & cheese and potatoes. There are even a couple of vegetarian options. The coffee is not worth buying – better to bring your own filter and make proper stuff in your compartment. Don’t expect service with a smile, it’s the Russian way here, and that’s extra, but they do actually mean well..

If you can’t be bothered to bring any of your own food you can live comfortably in this place. It’s not cheap though, so allow about 2000 Roubles (£40) for a couple of meals and drinks each day.

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