December 1, 2012

My final packing list

For some reason the bags look bigger in real life!

Apologies if this post is a bit “anoraky” to non train types amongst you, but if you reading this as a prospective first time Trans-Siberian traveller I hope it might be of some help. If however you are just reading this to see if I’ve been detained somewhere cold yet, there is nothing to see here, so please move along to another post.

This is my revised and I think final list for my trip. It is designed to work for a two to three week train journey followed by time in a hot climate as well as a cold one. I guess after three weeks you don’t need any more or less, as long as you have laundry facilities!

Briefcase/camera bag (Tenba)

Money belt
Passport (with visas for Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China))
Credit card
Another credit card (preloaded type)
EC Health card
Currency (small denominations Euro, Roubles, Yaun)
Tickets and copies of all bookings
Folder for copies of all key documents
Travel insurance
Medical health records (inoculations etc)
Phone (with all emergency numbers in memory and 150 music albums)
Kindle (20 books)
iPad (including translator, blogger, time zone apps)
Torch (Surefire)
Pens (x3)
Screen cloth (microfibre)
Camera (Fuji X10)
Notebook (Molseskin)
Map marked with route
Spare glasses
Postcards & pin badges (gifts)
USB memory stick with copies of everything

Main bag (North Face Duffle)

Spare emergency copies of documents
Toilet rolls (x4)
Wet wipes (x4)
Bin bags
Eye shades
Aromatherapy oils
Timberland boots
Down jacket
Thermal hat (“Ashanka” or similar)
Track suit
Swimming trunks (not for use on train!)
Swimming goggles (ditto!)
Linen jacket (not for train, but to fit in posh hotels!)
Smart shoes (ditto)
Nutrodol (for shared shower compartment)
Train window cleaning kit (scrub brush and window wipes)
Foil & duct tape (potential train mod to reduce temp in compartment)
Christmas decorations (!)

Toiletries bag

Liquid soap
Bath plug
Razor & shave foam
Lip salve
Body lotion
Toothbrush & paste
Travel towel
Contact lenses
Sun cream (summer)
Mosquito repellant (summer)

First aid kit

Dyorolyte (rehydration salts)
Nurofen Plus (non prescription pain relief)
Paracetomol & codine (works on top of Nurofen)
Merocaine (throat local anesthetic)
Sudofed (decongestant)
Doxycyclene (antibiotic)
Stugeron (travel sickness)
Senokot (constipation)
Imodium (diarrhoea)
Entrocalm (stomach cramps)
Surgical wipes
Plasters and dressings
Antiseptic cream
Sealed needles

Camera kit

Cleaning brush
Spare memory card
Spare battery (charged)
Tripod (mini)
iPad USB adaptor
USB memory card reader

Food bag (North Face Duffle)

Thermos flask
Metal mug
Metal water bottle (to be filled from samovar)
Chopping knife
Coffee filter cone
Filter papers (unbleached)
Sauce sachets (tabasco, tomato, mustard, HP)
Sugar sachets
Ground coffee
Hot chocolate
Pot noodles
Pot porridge
Tinned ham
Tinned chicken
Preserved sausage
Cereal bars
Booze (wine box & bottle of Scotch)
Shopping bag
Chopping board

Other bags

Chargers & cables (camera, iPad, Kindle, Gorilla)
Power Gorilla
Plug adapter
Spare batteries (AA and AAA)
Head torch
Secret train key & cork for door security “upgrade”

It looks simple now reading this, but it took me weeks to assemble. Do let me know if I have forgotten anything!

2 Comments on “My final packing list

Nooraini Mydin
May 7, 2016 at 6:05 pm

Hi Matthew

I am going a London – Kuala Lumpur run in the summer and am grateful for the preparatory tips, especially what to take.


Matthew Woodward
May 8, 2016 at 1:13 pm

Great. Have an amazing adventure!


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