December 26, 2012


Distance so far: 10261 km, -18 C, darkness.

Just a quick update from the other side of the border.

I seemed to have passed muster again and my passport is back in my compartment – my fourth visa for this trip so far is now in place.

Guard A and Guard B seem to be on best behaviour as they are back in their home country. Guard B has just given me tickets for a complimentary breakfast and lunch tomorrow, recognising the prestigious arrival of the “native” Chinese restaurant carriage.

The Chinese border is quite impressive here at Erlian. They played patriotic music as we pulled in and the platform security all salute the train. There are laser lights to accompany the music, and train drivers seem to take every opportunity to use their horn.

Lots of shunting and crashing about now as its “bogie” time…off to the shed.

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Roger Worrod
December 27, 2012 at 12:58 am



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