November 12, 2012

IronKeys & moneybelts

All my documents safely stored on my 2GB IronKey

I’m back at Toad Hall today after a few days in London. On Friday I collected my passport (now with all four visas) and my paper Trans-Siberian rail tickets for my journey as far as Beijing. It feels like I’m almost there with the planning now..

Before I packed up my trip dossier for the final time today I scanned and copied all my important documents. I have decided on a three fold system in case I lose something, or worst case, have it stolen. Firstly, I have a spare copy of all documents in my duffle bag (separate from the originals). Secondly, I have sent a scan of all the documents to my email account in the cloud – all in one file marked ‘Emergency”. Finally, thirdly, I have copied all the documents to my USB stick. Its not any old memory stick though, its an IronKey – described by some as “the World’s most secure flash drive”.

I won’t give you a big gadget pitch on this item, but if you do some research you will see its a device with military grade encryption co developed by Lockheed Martin. The US approve it for storage of government data, and its easy to see why – apart from the hardware based encryption, its built out of solid shock resistant metal. If the original “Mission Impossible” were still being made today, they would  definitely use them as it literally self destructs the data if the wrong password is entered more times than the set number!

Elsewhere on the security front I have now pulled together a few belts and bags to hold my cash and documents in. This isn’t very “hi tech”, but I’m going to use two money belts and a round the neck pouch for my passport. I have small piles of low denomination notes and they take up quite a bit of space..

Is that a pile of Roubles in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

I think thats about it for now – I hope this post was of interest – do leave a comment below to let me know if you found this helpful.

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