October 17, 2012


Is it a plane or a spacecraft? (Image – Wikipedia)

Still recovering from man flu, so some time to plan my trip to Moscow today.

I have discovered that as well as “Star City”, it is also possible to visit the Central Air Force Museum, which is at the Gagarin Air Force Academy, 40 km outside of Moscow. From what I have read this place was totally off limits a few years ago, but you can now arrange a visit as long as you give 10 days notice, provide a copy of your passport and get “special permission”. I get the impression the rules are more relaxed now as its no longer officially run by the Air Force.

The kit they have there looks amazing – but sadly mostly decaying outside.

I had quote today from Real Russia for £260 to arrange any formalities, transport and a private two hour tour – sounds slightly expensive, but it looks like one of those places that might be worth paying for, whatever the cost. There is a good page on Wikipedia with pictures of some of the unusual stuff, including the Sukhoi Su-25 (“Concordski”) and the Sukhoi T-4 bomber amongst dozens of cold war planes I have never seen before.

The Beriev Bartini VVA-14 (Image – Wikipedia)

Gerry Anderson obviously got some inspiration here for the cult classic TV show “UFO”, possibly as well as Hideo Kojima for “Metal Gear Solid 3”..

I had better pack my meat paste sandwiches and luke warm lemon drink for this trip as I feel I’m going to quickly become an anorak here!

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Mark Iliff
January 6, 2013 at 12:57 pm

Or maybe the Soviets took inspiration from Gerry Anderson!


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