Trans-Siberian Adventures: Life on and off the rails from the UK to Asia

It’s just a big train ride – what could possibly go wrong on a 12,500 km journey across Russia, Mongolia and China in the depths of winter?

Matthew Woodward resolves to escape from his desk and rekindle his childhood love of travel by train. Knowing little of the red tape, cultural differences and climate ahead, Matthew sets off alone across the North Sea bound for Shanghai. Trans-Siberian Adventures follows his exploits as he learns the ropes of becoming a long-range train adventurer. This is a captivating insight into the reality of life on the legendary Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railways.

"Long distance rail adventure - what could be cooler? Matthew Woodward lives life to the full by exploring the abundant and awesome world we live in by riding to the end of the line...and further. Follow his adventures and be inspired!" 
Robert Twigger, author of Lost Oasis

“A highly entertaining tale of plotting, planning and making a Trans-Siberian trip-of-a-lifetime from Edinburgh to Shanghai - and in the chilly depths of the Siberian winter, naturally. After reading Matthew Woodward's account, you might just find yourself buying a ticket!”
Mark Smith, The Man in Seat 61

ISBN 978-1521136928

A Bridge Too Far: From Arnhem to Singapore as far as the train tracks go

Buoyed from his success in reaching Shanghai on the Trans-Siberian railway without having any international incidents, Matthew Woodward can’t help but think about what might come next. One night he tells some friends that it’s actually possible to get as far as Singapore on the train, setting in to motion his next big adventure. A Bridge Too Far is an account of his solo attempt to get as far south as possible by train.

Matthew shares the intricate detail of his journey across 13 countries and 18500km in a way that that will appeal both to followers of his adventures as well as those who are looking for a new rail challenge.

Watch this space!