London to Istanbul - "Midnight Express"

Revisiting the original route of the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul via Bucharest. This is a dress rehearsal for the first stage of my intention to travel onward on the Silk Route from Turkey through Iran towards Xian. Read more.

Edinburgh to Hong Kong - "Seven Days in Tibet"

The little used Trans-Manchurian route from Siberia to China and onward to Lhasa on the Qinghai-Tibet railway, finishing in Hong Kong. The longest and highest railways in the world in one single adventure. Read more.

Edinburgh to Tokyo - "Lost in Translation"

The classic Trans-Siberian route to Vladivostok and onward to Japan via South Korea. This is the furthest east this it is possible to travel by train (GMT +10). Read more.

Edinburgh to Singapore - "A Bridge Too Far"

The Trans-Mongolian route to Beijing and onward south to Singapore - the furthest south that it is possible to travel overland by train in Asia. Read more.

Edinburgh to Shanghai - "Trans-Siberian Adventures"

Learning the ropes on the classic Trans-Mongolian journey to Beijing and onward to Shanghai. Read more.