About me

I'm not sure where the train thing came from, but like many small boys I owned a model railway set from the age of about eight.

Back then a short journey from my home to London on what was then a rather futuristic Inter-City high speed train seemed almost pant wettingly exciting. I definitely wasn't a "train spotter", but I did used to spend my pocket money buying tickets to places I had never heard of just for the thrill of the ride. 

When I was a student in the mid '80's, I took advantage of the long summer breaks to explore Europe with an InterRail pass. 

I joined the community of InterRailers sleeping on station platforms, or better still in any available space on the floor of various night trains around Europe. I discovered that in the space of a month I could travel north to Scandinavia, south to Morocco, and then east to Turkey. I just couldn’t put my trusty Thomas Cook European Timetable down. In 1988 I covered over 19000 km in one month, and that was just inside Europe.

In 1989 work got in the way and my rucksack, sleeping mat and rail timetable were sadly retired to the attic. I no longer had anything like the amount of time needed to get anywhere really interesting.  Then in 2012 I changed career and found myself for the first time with the ideal combination of resources to rekindle my love of rail adventure on an altogether bigger scale – money in the bank, plenty of time and a large scale 1956 edition National Geographic map.

I have recently completed several long distance rail journeys which you can read about on this website. Each year I return home older and wiser from my adventures, but I just can’t seem to shake off the thrill of travelling to somewhere very distant and implausible on the train.

I hope you enjoy reading about my travels and that they might inspire you to embark on your own train adventure.